Barangay Pinasling

The barrio of Pinasling was founded by a group of Ilocano families who migrated from the town of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte. Not one among those survived to be recorded in the memories of the succeeding generation. However, legendary stories say that the Africiaga families are descendents of those pioneers.
The original name of the barrio was BAROG, named after the brook which was flowing through the barrio during the Spanish regime. The brook was converted into a fertile farm land with the exception of the deep part which is now called PISONG. Now a day the banks of Pisong have became populated and became a sitio of Pinasling.
The word Pinasling is family name a certain Pangasinan man who was an intruder in the sparsely population portion of Barog, the place where the present barrio of pinasling is located. This certain Pangasinan was driven away by the former inhabitants. The legend says that in order that there would be no other intruder the inhabitants grouped themselves in what is called Pinasling and named the place in memory of the Pangasinan who was driven away.
The former barrio of Pinasling is composed of the sittios of Pisong and Mauplas or San Paran.
Pisong which is located in the southern part of Pinasling has been named after the small lake found in the vicinity which is called Pisong. Because of the abundant of fish in the lake, people preferred to live there. This is sitio of Pisong has been established.
San Pedro, the former name of Mauplas was named by a man whose name was Francisco. By nick name he was called Paran. His tenants who grouped themselves to form a small community named the place San Paran in honor of their landlord. This piece of land however passed into the hands of Pauco family, but continued to be called San Paran, until it was changed to Mauplas.
Since then, this sitio was named Mauplas which is named after the tree called Uplas which grew abundantly during the period of its foundation. Because of its fertility, people inhabited the place and founded was is now the sitio of Mauplas.
It has been noted that these sitios tried to be independent of each other so that records of Teniente  Mayores could hardly be traced.
The barrio of Pinasling is located along provincial road and is considered a part of Poblacion, because of its proximately to the town. Mauplas being the biggest among the sitios tried its best to keep him independent and which therefore tried to set a barrio government of her town,
It was only during the later part of Spanish regime as stories say that due to the establishment of the centralized form of government that it was made clear to all the people of the different sitios that they belonged to a barangay called a Pinasling. The unification of this barrio culminated in a general meeting of delegates called counceliares  of the different sitios, when they elected a Teniente Mayor to govern the barrio. But this was done only at the early part of the American regime when the lives of people were in danger due the discontented element are created by the revolution. The unification of the barrio is attributed to the late Don Mateo Arciaga who became prominent leaders of the barrio. This political leadership passed into the hands of the late Don Basilio Santiago. It was extended to the barrio Pinasling. This gave more life to the barrio as the road later on became the main road of all the barrio people of the western part of the town. The barrio continued to prosper as the political leadership passed into the hands of the late Fedirico Bartolome. The people under his incumbency became more unique as they began to celebrate the easter week in make shift chaples. Barrio fiesta started to be celebrated and recognized San Jose as the Patron Saint of the barrio. Simultaneously hand in hand with the late Don Fedirico was also another political leader, the late Don Domingo Cancio, who helped very much in the economic prosperity of the barrio.
Barrio Pinasling is the only Barrio of Gerona which can be proud of have having produced a line of political leaders who have become municipal presedentes of the of Gerona. Worthy of mentioning are the following sons of the barrio who became presedentes of the town:
  • Capitan Enrique Sembrano- Alcalde mayor of the town of Gerona during the later of the Spanish regime are presedentes municipal during the early part of the American regime.
  • Don Basilio Santiago-Municipal President during the American regime and champion in politics who successfully became president of the town for three consecutive terms.
  • Don Mateo Arciaga-Municipal President
  • Don Domingo Cancio- Municipal president
  • Don Fedirico Bartolme- Municipal president
The people of Pinasling are God-loving and fearing as shown in their effort in building a chapel for the Roman Catholic religion. Major Nicanor Bartolome donated a lot for this purpose. Almost all the people of the barrio contributed for the construction of the chapel.
Most outstanding figure in the religious movement was the late Don Ambrocio Bartolome who for many years was the minister of the Methodist church of the town of Gerona.