Barangay Padapada

The old residents of this barangay in the year 1946 they called the leader Tenyente del Baryo. And this this Tenyente del Baryo was elected by the residents by raising only their hands. And the first tenyente del Baryo was late Mr. Potenciano Valete. During this time the barangay was covered with forest. Many wild animanls live in this forest. And this barangay was called Dolit. Only few house and families are living. And as years go by another Tenyente del Baryo was elected in the name of late Mr. Vicente Mercado. Until Barangay Dolit was changed to Padapada. It was called Barangay Padapada because of the mountains located in Barangay have the heighrt. As days and years passed by more houses and families are living. As years passed by another Tenyente del Barrio was elected in the name of late Mr. Mariano Magday. Residents and houses also mutiply. Then Barangay Padapada elected another Tenyente Del Baryo was elected in the name of late Mr. Federico Guerrero.
Upon reaching 2 years Martial Law was declared by President Ferdinand E. Marcos. For  almost  18 years he was already called as Barangay Captain. His term of leadership last long until he got sick but fortunately he died from illness. At that time Kgd. Jesus Rombaoa took his place because he was the first Councilor. Then Mr. Armando Mercado was appointed  Barangay Captain by Mayor Susan Go in the year 1986. During his time population grew bigger and more houses are already build. Then on 1994 another election was held and Leopoldo Galleon was elected Baranga election was held and the Barangay Captain elected on 1997 another Barangay election was held and the Barangay Captain elected Mr. Leopoldo Trivinio. Under his term Barangay Padapada is already known in Gerona. Until now his long efforts term Barangay Padapada is well known and became popular to everyone in Gerona.
Physical Characteristics
Barangay Padapada is bounded in the west of Barangay Santiago, in the north by Barangay Calayaan, in the east by Barangay Sto. Domingo, Tarlac City and Barangay Padapada, Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac.
Barangay Padapada has an area of 434,460 ha. Barangay Padapada has no irrigated land. It has pasture land of 200 ha.