Barangay Amacalan

The present official name of the barrio is Amacalan. Barrio Amacalan stretches along the national highway four kilometers south of the Poblacion. It is a land with fertile soil, watered by natural strings on the east and a river on the west. People live peacefully and they are contented because the land could produce all that they need. Long before the coming of the Spaniards, this locality was owned by a group of energetic and daring Ilocano settlers headed by Pedro Obligado and Pedro Ermitanio. A few years late, cattle trader from Calumpit known as Don Ignacio Torres found the place to be a good grazing ground so he brought with him families from Calumpit and founded a cattle ranch of more or less than a thousand heads of cattle. These cattle grazed in the verdant grassy lands of about half of this place until it was called “Pinagbakahan”. On the barrio, the people engaged in another industry, the making of bricks. Because of this, the place was called “Tinejeros”, though the official name of the barrio was “Bakero” which was derived from the word “Baka” meaning cattle. With the presence of these two important activities of the people and to give credence to the location, it was decided to call the northern part “Tinejero” signifying the place where they can make bricks and the grazing grounds “Pinagbakahan”. The peace loving and industrious inhabitants settled down to the serious risk of improving themselves economically, culturally and physically. The peace barrio was disturbed with the coming of the Americans. Because of their bitter experience during the Spanish occupation, the inhabitants thought of the organizing army to protect the land they loved. It was then agreed that the heads of the families called “Amas” built trenches, hardened bam-boo spears and sharp bolos as their weapons the expected enemies come. After the battle, it was agreed to change the name of the barrio. It was agreed during a meeting that the new name should be Amacalan in honor of the “Amas” who did their bit for the sake of liberty, peace and independence. “Ama” which means father and “calan” derive from the native word nagbakahan which means the place where there was encounter. Date of Establishments – Before 1870. Original Families According to the old people of the place, the first pioneers came from the Ilocos provinces. They were identified as Pedro Obligado and Pedro Ermitanio. From the town of Calumpit Don Ignacio Torres came sometimes in 1870. He had a forceful personality. He founded a ranch called the place “Pinagbakahan”. He also owned a very wide farmland where varieties of crops were raise. By this time several settlers came. One among them was the wife of the brave hero of Tarlac. General Francisco Macabulos, a grand son of Don Ignacio Torres. When Don Ignacio Torres was accumulating wealth from his enterprises, another settler from Calumpit came. He was known as Don Pedro Panganiban. Don Pedro Panganiban acquired vast lands and led a happy quiet life. His industry led to the increase of his holdings which he left to his son, Julio Panganiban. Don Julio Panganiban prospered through hard work and industry. He left several children among them are Dr. Delfin Panganiban, an energetic leader of the barrio and Mr. Deogracias Panganiban, the former municipal secretary of Gerona.   amacalan_officials